There are many advantages of installing Colorbond fencing for your property. Colorbond is made of steel. This material is durable, lightweight, aesthetic, and fairly easy to install. Additionally, Colorbond steel fencing is a great choice for environmentally-conscious property owners. This article discusses the main benefits of this material and why it could be a great fit for your property. 

A Colorbond fence or gate will add value to your home by giving your property security, privacy, and functionality, as well as increasing curb appeal thanks to its modern aesthetics. You can choose from a wide range of colours to match your home’s exterior. Due to the way Colorbond is manufactured, it is designed to withstand the elements in our Australian climate, making it durable and long-lasting. 

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The durability of Colorbond fencing is perhaps its most desirable feature. Being a metal product Colorbond fences are immune to things like rot and termites which timber fencing is not. 

Anyone who has lived in Melbourne knows how changeable and dramatic our weather is, and whatever material you choose for exterior use needs to be able to withstand these conditions. Designed, tested, and manufactured in Australia, Colorbond has been built for our weather. Colorbond is a steel-coated sheet that contains zinc. This gives the material its corrosion-resistant properties. In fact, it’s commonly used for roofing and cladding too. It’s also one of the lightest materials available. In the manufacturing process, the paint is bonded to the steel which makes the colour much more long-lasting than materials that have been painted, you won’t need to repaint Colorbond fences because there won’t be any peeling or flaking. Over time they can fade due to UV rays, with darker colours being more susceptible to this due to the higher absorption of UV and heat, however, this material is much lower maintenance than timber.

Easy installation and improves aesthetic

Colorbond is fairly straightforward to install, but you need the tools and the know-how to do it well. Your local colorbond fencing contractor will have all the tools necessary to install a Colorbond fence. The ease of installation means that a Colorbond fence can be erected in a matter of days, keeping your labour costs down to a minimum. You can choose to install it in your front yard or any other boundary fence. Adding a Colorbond fence is a good way to add to the aesthetics of your home, the cost will often depend on the metres required. These fences are also fire and termite-resistant, which makes them a wise investment in our region. The best part is, they are extremely low maintenance. They come in a variety of designs and colors, so you’ll have plenty to choose from. Ideal for backyards, boundary fences, gates, and more. 

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Considering the fact that the modern world tends to shift towards the use of sustainable materials, it’s not surprising that more and more people are switching from alternate fencing materials to Colorbond, this is because Colorbond fencing is environmentally friendly and also highly durable which means less replacement and less waste. The steel itself is 100% recyclable according to the manufacturers and because of its long-lasting nature, there will be less waste due to replacement panels. 

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Made for Australian conditions. Choosing Colorbond fencing for your home is a wise decision if you want a durable, secure fence that is modern, and will last for decades to come. There are many different colors and styles of Colorbond available, so you should be able to find one that will complement your style. In addition, there is a wide range of options for customizing your fence, such as adding post caps or railings, depending on your needs. Book your site measure and quote for your Colorbond fence today by contacting us

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