Aluminium is a fantastic option for fencing material. Versatile, durable, corrosion and weather resistant, recyclable and affordable. This article will explain the reasons why aluminium can hold its own alongside timber and Colorbond for being the choice material for fencing and gates across Melbourne.

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One of the most important characteristics of the material you choose for your fencing, or for any external element of your home is durability. Aluminum’s durability will withstand exposure to the harsh elements and corrosive conditions that our Melbourne weather has to offer on occasion. Choosing the right material for your fence or gate can save you a lot of money in the long run because the more durable your material, the longer it will last meaning that you have less replacement and repair costs, giving you the best return on your investment. One characteristic that makes aluminium so durable in the Australian climate is that it is anti-corrosive and rust and rot-resistant. When compared to timber or some metals, aluminium offers a longer lifespan. Especially in areas prone to termites, having a material that is not susceptible to termite damage is critical in helping you get the best outcome. 

An important thing to note in durability is that not only will aluminium maintain its structural integrity for longer, but it will also remain to look good for longer too, which is important when you consider the maintenance costs of other materials like timber. 

Low maintenance

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance material, aluminium will be a contender for you. A stylish, low-maintenance option for your fence around your backyard or garden, aluminium is commonly used to create decorative stencil-style gates and fences, these custom-made features add a touch of elegance and show a homeowner’s style, without requiring much in terms of maintenance. Aluminium is easy to clean, with a rinse-off with water or a hose enough. If using a high-pressure hose, be aware to check the strength of the water before directing the flow to the fence, and stand back, because the last thing you want is to dent the aluminium in your cleaning efforts! A mild cleaner also does the trick to get rid of the grime or mildew buildup over time.  As a result, you can spend more time on other projects, like gardening, and less on repairs and maintenance. Being rust and corrosion-resistant means that aluminium is a very popular choice of fencing material around pools, both commercially and residentially alike.

An aluminium fence is also more affordable than other materials meaning that your money goes further in the installation phase as well as the ongoing maintenance and lifespan of the fence. On another note, aluminium fences and gates are also environmentally-friendly and sustainable. You can purchase aluminium panels that are made from recycled aluminium and can be reused again and again, yet another reason to choose this low-maintenance material. 


Whether you are looking to protect your property or simply want to make it safer for your family, you have a selection of fencing materials to choose from that will do the job. Depending on the style of fencing you choose, aluminium offers security and privacy to your property. If you opt for aluminium panels, the fence will block out the view from onlookers, as well as provide a wall of protection keeping kids and pets safe from roads as well as keeping your property and belongings secure. Aluminium-style picket fences can be used to provide boundary fences without the block-out effect, which is desirable if you have a smaller property where you want to be able to look beyond the fence. Aluminium can be installed at a variety of heights, depending on your needs and preferences.

Aesthetic appeal

Installing an aluminium fence and gates on your property can do wonders for your curb appeal. You can have your aluminium fence or gate customised to suit your home such as cut-out designs that customise your gate to be unique or make your gate the feature. Like other materials, aluminium fences are available in different heights, widths, and designs. They can also be shaped to accommodate slopes, peaks, and dips, this means that with a good metal fencing contractor, your aluminium fence will complement your property, no matter how tricky you may think it is. 

To wrap it up…

Aluminium is a versatile material that will fit in almost any situation. Rot and corrosion-resistant, aluminium is a strong choice for your backyard. It is also resistant to moisture and the sun’s rays, which means that you will not have to worry about refinishing it on a regular basis. An aluminium fence is a great addition to any home, it can give your property a beautiful and classic look, while at the same time adding security at a reasonable price. 

If you want to install an aluminium fence in Melbourne, you will need the right metal fencing contractor who can talk you through your options and give you honest advice about what the best options are for you. 

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