A well-functioning gate will increase the functionality, security, privacy, and safety of a property. Gates are the first point of entry into a property and allow you to control who comes in and out, which provides significant security and safety. Being at the front of a property also means that your gate is the first impression people get of your home, which gives an opportunity to make a lasting first impression with a modern, functional gate. Not all properties require a gate, some will just have a gap that allows vehicles to enter but if you have kids, or pets or live on a busy street you may want to consider gate installation to increase the security and functionality of your property. In this article, we will explore different types of gates that you can choose from. 

To slide or to swing?

In choosing the style of gate that best suits your needs, there are a lot of factors to consider, such as space, mobility, and security. How much space does your front yard have, how frequently will the gate be used, is mobility and convenience a priority, and what are the aesthetic preferences you have; these are the questions that you need to answer in order to narrow down what style of the gate will meet your needs. 

It’s important to understand how these different types of gates work to narrow down which style will suit you better and make an informed buying decision. 

Swing gates

traditional swinging gate metal fencing melbpurne

Swing gates are your traditional style of the gate—low maintenance, no frills, and generally pretty simple in design, however, they can be made to look as fancy as you want and can be made to match your fence. Swing gates open like a door, it swings in either direction you open it. They may be controlled electronically with a remote or manually. This is the budget-friendly option as they are generally easier to install. For narrow properties with a narrow entry point, a swinging gate may be more functional as there may not be enough room for a sliding gate. Swing gates work even better and last longer if they are made from steel or aluminium. They can also be customised according to the property’s look or needs. If you’re looking for a metal fencing contractor that can customise your gate to your requirements, contact us today for your free onsite measure and quote. 

Sliding gates

stylish metal sliding gate metal fencing melbpurne

Sliding gates, or rolling gates, are very popular in southeast Melbourne. Functionality at its finest, the simplicity of sliding a gate on a roller enables driveways to be used effectively which is important if you have multiple vehicles moving in and out on a regular basis. Pretty self-explanatory, sliding gates are designed to slide side by side. Recommended for windy areas, sliding gates are designed to follow a fixed track so that the weight of the gate is carried, this is especially important if you have a long gate made of heavy material. Sliding gates add an elegant, premium edge to a property. Sliding gates are great for steep locations because there is no need for the movement against the steep landscape.

Decorative gates

decorative metal gate design metal fencing melbpurne

Ornamental gates are getting more traction these days, especially for homeowners wanting to add more curb appeal to their property. We believe that being stylish doesn’t have to compromise security, and that’s what decorative gates offer best.  Decorative metal gates and screens are a great addition to your space. If you want a metal gate that has a design cut or engraved into it we can help you. Your gate can be as simple or elaborate as you want with the right contractor. 

Simple pedestrian gate

Differing from a double gate used for vehicles, a pedestrian gate is obviously smaller and designed to enable walk-through access to a property. Pedestrian gates could be modified into becoming electronically controlled gates but generally, they are manually operated and in a swing design. This gives way for access through a narrow way, narrow enough for people and even bikes or motorcycles to pass through, but not for vehicles. Oftentimes, pedestrian gates are installed alongside double gates for vehicles to give alternate access to the property without needing to open the double gate. You can choose from various sustainable materials that could last your gate for a long time—aluminium and steel—and customise it the way you want it. 


Gates increase the functionality, security, and safety of your property and they create the first impression of your home. Choose between swinging and sliding gates, manual or automatic for the best functionality of your property. For professional metal fencing and gate installations, don’t hesitate to give us a call today for an obligation-free quote. 

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