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    Quality Metal Gate Installation Melbourne 

    When you have a brand new fence installed on your Melbourne property, the best way to complete it is by installing the perfect gate. We provide our customers with many options depending on their styles, preferences, and needs.

    • Sliding and Swing Gates: Swing gates open and close in a half circle while sliding gates glide across a track or on wheels, moving side to side. They can be manual or automatic.
    • Automatic Electric and Solar: Automatic gate installation will allow you to open your gate at the touch of a button, allowing you maximum ease in entering your property–no more getting in and out of your vehicle to open the gate.
    • Manually Operated Push/Pull Gates: Manually operated gates are more traditional and require you to manipulate them to open or close them whenever you want to enter or exit.
    • Pedestrian Gates: Pedestrian gates are the perfect installation for allowing foot traffic through your fence. They’re ideal for your pool fence and front fence.
    • Custom-Built Gates: Perhaps the most valuable option available is custom-built gates. You can choose a pattern and design that fits your property perfectly, making your property not only functional but also the make a great first impression.
    • Commercial Gates: If you have fencing at your commercial property, you’ll need a reliable gate installed for functionality and security. We can install one of our leading fencing options or custom-build a design specific to your needs.

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      Don’t choose just any gate installer if you want reliable results that last

      You can select any of the tradies out there offering cheap gate installations in Melbourne, but you’ll likely find poor communication and substandard work. When you want a gate that performs, looks great, and lasts for years, you need a reliable gate installer on the job. We’ll ensure you get the best results from your project, whether you want a commercial security gate installed or a driveway gate installed.

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      (03) 9034 6066

      We’re the Gate Installation Crew That Can Handle All Your Needs

      If you want the best gate installation service in Melbourne, you’ve come to the right place. Unlike tradies with limited experience, we go above and beyond on every job we complete. We always deliver exceptional service and a dedication to the details, ensuring your gate will be installed correctly the first time.

      Don’t settle for less when you want a gate installation that will last for years. We use premium products with impeccable workmanship. These are some of the reasons our customers choose to depend on us:

      • Local Company: As a local company, we’ve built a reputation within our community, and our customers know they can lean on us for all their gate installation needs. Reliable metal fence contractors in Melbourne’s East.
      • Good Communication: We’ll always keep you informed about the status of your project. If you have questions or concerns, we’ll address them.
      • Quality Work: We take pride in delivering a job well done. Our work is precise and will exceed your expectations.
      • Affordable Prices: Our prices are affordable and reasonable. While we may not be the lowest-priced gate installation company, we’re the one that offers the highest value for your investment.

      Call Justin For a Free Quote

      (03) 9034 6066

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      Why invest in a gate?


      When you have automatic gate installers provide you with a new gate that opens and closes with the touch of a button; you’ll experience a significant increase in convenience.  Getting in and out of your vehicle every time you want to leave your property can be a hassle, especially when you have kids or groceries in the car. Investing in an automatic gate can make life so much easier.


      Adding a gate to your property can increase your security. You can limit access to your home and filter who comes and goes. You’ll have peace of mind, always knowing who is entering and leaving your property.


      You’ll have added privacy with a gate because visitors and solicitors cannot simply enter your property without your permission. If you don’t want company, you can keep the gate securely closed, effectively giving you more privacy. Another reason gates give privacy is that they can block onlookers’ views of your property, especially if you live in a busy area with a lot of foot traffic, this is important to feel a sense of privacy at your own home. 

      Safety for Kids and Pets

      Having a closed gate will keep your kids and pets safe from danger. It will ensure they don’t have access to the road, and strangers won’t have access to them. Investing in a gate can be one of the best things you do for safety.

      If you’re ready for a new gate installation in Melbourne, give us a call to book your quote today. You’ll be thrilled with the results.

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      Couldn't be happier with the final outcome. Design, security, installation and service! 

      Highly recommended!

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